Franchement ! (Frankly !)

Franchement I’m a little upset at Maman.
She went to Paris  without MOI.
MY city and no MOI. 
There are friends of moi that I’m sure are having a difficile life in Montmartre without me.
My ami Bobby for instance. Maman liked him a bit too much for moi but still we had many times together.

I even let Bobby live with us for un moment when his Maman had to abandon him and travel.

At Mamans PartyDog launch I let him wear my crown for un instant! He looked good but je suis la REINE after all so I had to have Maman take it back.

Bobby avec MA couronne

La REINE OhLive !

That was a fun party even though there were a few too many little yappers (little doggies) for my taste.

Droopy was there. That boy is so énamoured of me, I can hardly blame him. He was a bit late but of course we are all dependant on the Mamans.  Ahhh the Mamans we love them yet…

they are SO SLOW! At everything, but most importantly at providing gouter. Or shnacks as they say here en Amerique.

Maman was really going to start a dog party business. I supported her complètement as I love a good party. She made pretty flyers with my fur and a photo of me.

and nice business cards and goodie bags and cup cakes that look like me. The launch party and my birthday took place at the best gallery in Montmartre. Of course.

Somehow the French were not quite ready for doggy parties.
Never mind the fact that Maman did not properly research things.

But that is ma Maman. She is like a bulldozer that plows ahead. Thought avant (before) action is not always top of her mind.

Oh, mais comme je l’aime, ma Maman !


So her enthousiasme POUFFED out like a deflating soufflé au fromage. My, fromage sounds tres good right about now. Where is my diner anyway? Auntie Phyllis is quite good at respecting my dinner time. BUT isnt that time NOW? And isn’t it always NOW? So if I follow my nose and that thought and it hits me!

It is ALWAYS time for DINNER!

FORMIDABLE ! Vive le NOW ! ❤

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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