Maman s’en va sans MOI!

The suitcase, la valise, that vessel that comes out of hiding without warning. It’s out, la mechante ! Et oui, yes Maman is leaving again. She explained. I comprends and understand completement but cannot quite agree at all mais alors PAS DU TOUT why I can’t come too. After all we know I am of Service to her and that her emotional well being and bien etre is in mes pattes or my paws if you prefer. I have a SERVICE dog vest, I.D and demeanor.

OhLive en mode “Service a personne”

We do have a letter of a psychiatre which explains her issues. I wont say there are many but I will say that I am needed. Tout le temps and at all times. Maman seems to think I will be happier with Auntie Phyllis. Okay, c’est vrai, it is true oh so true that I do not like riding on the scooter. Meme pas du tout!

Look how happy I look and Maman looks VERY bad.

But Maman needs me and doesn’t sleep as well if our noses do not meet like strangers in the night.

And I keep her warm even if it is summer and there is a massive heat wave in Paris. Aiiiie. Heat wave, Scooter…no.

But I remain convaincue that my place is at her side even if it means my fur coat will be heavy and the car fumes will clog my nose and Maman yelling at the Parisian drivers will scare me beaucoup. Especially at l’Etoile. La Place de L’Etoile. The most scary place I have ever encountered.

She explained that she was going for Maika’s BIG birthday. Of course I remember Maika well. Especially her kitchen and now I find I’m panting and salivating. Ohlala, OhLive you ARE A DOG. You live in the NOW. Bon, daccord. Sometimes I forget who I am.

And Maman is going as a birthday present. Une surprise. So she is very excited. Which franchement, I find annoying.

We have no photos of this. And we are not sorry.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

2 thoughts on “Maman s’en va sans MOI!”

  1. Oh Ohlive.. I’m so happy to read this next chapter…” Maman s’en va sans MOI!”
    I see how happy you look on the scooter for sure..perhaps you we’re enjoying having your photo taken a little too much to realise maman was being accosted by a dame blonde…
    Your roll with the daisies looked sublime! Bless you for your sneeze, blowing those dandelion flowers can get right up your snout if not done with care.. I do hope your wish comes true. I would as you what it was you wished for but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. I hope you had a fabulous holiday with Auntie Phyllis and didn’t miss maman too much.


  2. P.s I will make myself a belle tasse de thé et de pain grillé to enjoy whilst I read Pareee without MOI! The excitement has given me an appetite.


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