Maman is sad

Maman is sad, so sad. She thinks I am gone but Maman I am here! I REALLY am Maman! You just can’t caresse me with your little fingers or kiss my nose and yes that is hard, so hard for you Maman… Cry if you need to, sob, scream… make all those messy noises you’ve always embarrassed me with. Mais Maman je suis là ! Partout avec toi ❤️ Comme je t’aime Maman.

Là see me ?

And ici too !

Look up Maman!

You said it yourself as I was leaving that body that was no longer letting me be my best me « we will always be together » I am within you now and I will help you with the little runt Elsie.

La voilà Elsie!

We will train her together. I will tell you everything you need to do with her. It seems she is already behaving like you Maman!

I maybe the runt but faut pas m’emmerder !

And as you like to say: I’m short but act tall! Exactement!

I am so happy Diego will be staying with you this weekend, he’s such a handsome boy and though I only got to thoroughly sniff him once, I like what I sniffed


Yes he can sleep on my bed with you and though he won’t be me he tells me he already loves you and that you always have gateau in your pocket. That is my Maman! Always with cookie❤️ If he has problème with you he can always reach me at

All the doggies can! I will answer all questions and be in a much better position to answer ALL questions! I can now get into la tête de tout le monde! Chiens et leur personnel ! I can get into everyone’s thoughts Doggies and their personnel (who think they « own » us… that is tellement drôle 🤣…they don’t really realize much of anything really. But it’s ok we love them and are there to help.

I will write again when I get tired of bouncing in up down and through the clouds… je t’aime ma Maman ❤️ et suis partout avec toi.

I will admit…

Even though it is not obvious… that I am getting older.

Of course as Maman and I have discussed, my body may give up but I will never be going anywhere other than where Maman goes as I will always be with her.

Recently I noticed her getting caught up in a mind movie featuring me (bien sur !), in which I am leaving my body and she is alone. She cries and cries while I busily wash her face. Such a drama queen she is. I did almost leave a few times in the past week as there was a heat dome over Portland and we had a power outage and she carried me to the car and thankfully we were able to go to a friends who had la clim (AC) and where Maman had to wear a sweater.

I survived! Two night in a row she said Au revoir…

Then I had a bad case of the itches which resulted in the cone of shame (la honte !)…

Quelle horreur !

And then I itched so badly that my back legs went out and I could no longer walk and Maman carried me to the car & Urgences! (Emergency room).

It started well enough until Maman got mad at them (the people aux Urgences) and started manifesting her colère (anger) to the idiote on the phone who was giving her instructions contrary to what the docteur had just told her. Had I felt better I would have also barked.

I don’t want to imagine the review Maman will be leaving on the média social about this place. The docteur forgot to tell Maman how to treat my back problem (reason for our visite) and when we finally received his report (because Maman called and barked at them) he said I had poop on my rear behind opening (any idiote can tell those spots are pimples and not poop!)

I hope you are interested in tout ces détails.

My legs are functioning again but Maman finally gave in and gave me the corticoïdes (steroids) because I was still itching so badly.

She subjected me to sprays, baths, more sprays… I cannot howl enough my displeasure.

She was no longer sleeping either as every time I itched she woke up, which did not help her mood. She tried setting me up on my own bed on the floor (imagine! Moi on the floor). And every time she put me on the floor, something would happen that would wake her up, and she’d plop me back up on the bed.

Moi unhappy in my own bed

Once it was that stupide cône that got stuck with my head under the bed, another time I had a seizure (that REALLY scared her) thankfully she is a light sleeper… (so am I and her snoring keeps me up!)

Anyway I am now confortablement re installée on the bed where I belong.

So the corticoïdes are great! New énergie and almost no more itching.

Maman is annoyed!

Maman is quite easily annoyed sometimes and starts to hyperventilate at the stupidest things. I won’t tell you what happened, it is embarrassing. She turned red though.

I almost suggested she breathe into a brown paper bag but kept my mouth shut. Sometimes I realize it is best to say nothing. It is best to stay away from Maman in these moments.

We took a walk down the street and I was greeted by the friendly neighbors

Vive OhLive !

Actually, the whole neighborhood seemed to be welcoming me as I strutted down the street! So nice to be welcomed in such a warm way. Vive OhLive! they seemed to be saying! But then again, I am losing my hearing..It may have been “Long live OhLive!”

Other neighbors seemed to know Maman was coming and left her a little gift!

Will this fit in Maman’s car?

It was a nice gift, Maman was very happy but it was way too heavy. Maman looked across the street and it seemed other neighbors were also thinking of Maman, and left her a shopping cart to wheel it home!

And so she wheeeeled it home!

No idea of course if it will fit in the car to take back to Portland. Maman does not want to go back to Portland and has extended her car rental.


Finally…I can get dirty again. Maman gave me a bath before leaving which is fine but left me with an urgent need to roll.

Ahhhh, enfin !

We went to the Venice beach with Maman’s friend Nicolas. He was asking stupid questions… but that’s ok he may not be as smart as me.

What’s on my nose?!?

The beach was so nice but Maman was nervous as there were many people and few were wearing masks. It also seems the homeless have taken over with the new Covid permissiveness; I saw several dogs drooling at the prospect of snacking on me. No, actually that was in Maman’s head.

Anyway the beach was great. I am happy now as always.

On the road again🎶

We were very lucky with our rental car; a brand new SUV and Maman was able to talk them down on the price. She did get mad and scare them a bit 🤗 That’s a specialty of hers.

She did not mention she had me. Imagine, they charge more for long haired dogs! Nasty people. I even had to stay home while she got the car.

The way she loaded up that car, I assumed we were moving. It turns out we are not but she is very frightened about Covid so she brought the entire contents of our pantry and fridge. Almost no place for me in that car, imagine that!

I don’t care, I am just happy to be going on a trip with Maman and I am also happy I am beginning to lose my hearing as she likes to sing as she drives.

After a few hours we stopped and I watched her as she attempted to peepee like a man, standing up with her new plastic peepee.

This is what she purchased but they didn’t indicate if it was supposed to be pointed up or down so…

She soon started using the words she uses when something is not going well. And from the way she walked back to the car I think she may have made peepee in her pants. I also noticed she left a little wet trail behind her as she advanced.

Not happy my Maman was. Mais bon, c’est la vie. La wet vie.

5 hours to go…

We arrived at the Airbnb at 5 pm just as the sun was getting ready for sleep. Nellie was waiting at the gate and started approaching the car without a mask. Maman immediately started frantically pointing to the one she was wearing and Nellie understood and went to get one from her own car. Maman is quite Covid anxious as I mentioned. She has nightmares that wake me up too where she dreams she has swallowed Covid. I didn’t know you could do that, maybe that is why she wears a mask. I will suggest she wear it in her sleep.

Nellie explained that I, being a dog, (am I really a dog?), was to poop in an area delineated by white piping. I almost bark-laughed out loud. Imagine telling me where I can poop! This is a farm as well with all sorts of animals leaving their doodoo everywhere so I found the request amusing but Maman I could tell, was not amused. Thankfully she said nothing.

When Nellie told Maman that she would be inspecting the room before we left I thought Maman would laugh out loud but surprisingly she said nothing again. except that we would be leaving at 6 am.

Maman is making great strides in her personal development. The studio was okay though very not très bien décoré with a fake fireplaces with multicolored flames to keep us warm. The colors were red and green. Maybe because we are approaching Christmas.

Don’t forget we are Parisians with excellent taste.

In the morning Maman noticed there was no hot water in the shower. I noticed too when I heard the noises she was making. Even with my bad hearing I knew it was not going well in there. I went in to perform my spa attendant duties anyway. I serve as a towel.

Maman did not sleep well but I did as I did not mind the glaring lights of the multi colored fireplace.

Maman packed the car and I noticed she did not notify Nellie as she had promised to do. But Nellie was waiting. It was 7 am and Nellie was there. I assume since 6. She walked up to our car just as we were backing out to leave.

Once again with no mask on… Non mais je rêve ! She quickly put it on though this time…

Maman explained she was in a rush… and Nellie rather impatiently told Maman about the house rules and that she had to come up for the inspection ( the studio was up some very steep stairs, so steep Man had to carry me!) before leaving.


“I don’t think so” said Maman while revving the engine. This woman had no idea how my Maman can misbehave if provoked. I was on my cushion place on the floor so really I did not care…

So Nellie then tells Maman she needs to wait while Nellie inspects.

“Okay” says Maman “I will wait” revving the engine a bit to empathize her impatience…

Nellie walks towards the studio and walks right back to our car.

“Ma’am. There are two full poop bags that you need you take to the dumpster.”

Ma’am? I have never heard Maman addressed that way before…

Maman does not like to be told what she needs. I agree with her on this point. How does this lady know about Maman’s needs?

I cannot imagine getting out of the car and getting the poop bags to dispose of in the dumpster is part of Mamans” needs.

But no one is asking me so I am actually snoozing comfy on my pillow at this point.

And then well, Maman she just took off. Frankly la Nellie we had had enough of her.

Maman is so smart!

Look at her new protection from Covide!

How pratique!

I am not sure how she will breathe with this but I am sure she will think of something… my Maman always thinks of intelligent solutions to everything.

I think I may have to pretend I don’t know her, my Maman. Between the new penis for standing peepee and the casserole on her head I think this may just be too much for me. Dont forget i am française and frankly I don’t think Maman would be doing this à Paris.

Never mind. We have not left yet. For now I still know her. And love her absolument. But tomorrow is demain and we shall see. Even if I must not know her, I will still and always love her.

Maman is émotionnelle !

She is preparing our numerous, voluminous bags and soudainement she decided to stop in the middle of the Christmas wrapping and suitcase packing …to write her will.

A few of the things we are taking …

So she started writing and getting more and more sniffly as she was imagining her own death. Frankly and franchement Maman sometimes she puts me right to sleep. She was blowing her nose with all the emotions of parting with her things while writing to Bobbie about who gets what. I am now snoring loudly.

We are very excited about the trip even though we are busy making arrangements for Maman’s impending death. Ohlala…quelle drama queen my maman !

Covid! We’re going on a road trip!

So maman being maman … Well she has decided that she has had enough with the nine month long lock down. We are heading to the Covid capital of the USA… California here we come!

She is quite excited about the trip and is making many little piles of mess throughout the apartment. Purchasing many things to prepare. A plastic peepee! She tells me she wants to be able to stand and project a little stream of Peepee just like the Messieurs do! And also stay out of the gas station peepee rooms because that is where you catch Covid she says.  I wish I could take photos but with my paws it is difficult… I will ask the gas station attendant if he can photograph her as she is peeing standing up.  my Parisian dog friends will be very impressed with that photo.  Certainly their Maman’s can’t pee standing up!

My Maman is the best Maman !

Back to Covid, You can also catch it from supermarkets so she is packing the entire contents of our kitchen into the rental car. That way will we will not have to go to the store.

My maman thinks of everything!

Did I tell you that I love my Maman.

I just wish she would stop spraying that disgusting lemon grass liquid on me. Every time I Itch… she spays!

She would not like it one bit if I did the same thing to her when she itches!

It will take us 15 hours to drive to California we are going to stop in the middle to sleep at an Airbnb. They tried to charge her extra for me but she told them I was a hairless dog so not to worry. My mama is so smart! I am not sure what she will say if they come by to say hello. But as all we have is the NOW (that’s what she’s been saying lately). We will deal with that when the then becomes the now of that moment. If that sounds complicated it is because it is.

Frankly most of the time I have no idea what she’s talking about but I don’t care. I love my Maman.


Oh mon Dog ! I am far beyond panting…

Maman read an article and voila !

We are getting married !

“Mais elle complètement folle ta mère !”

I can just hear the pampered lot yelping away in Paris…Those caniches have always been envious of my relationship with Maman.

Well, you know what I say to them !

We are émancipées ! I came out of the closette when we first moved here… and Maman well she’s Maman and she has gone into Bulldozer mode…

Her friend Francoise is thrilled to be doing our coiffes and Maman’s bouquet.

Maman would quite like our wedding to be in France. Peut-etre in the countryside. Of course she does, that is where her friends live. And mine too of course. Maman does not always like the parents of my friends. Ohlala ! Ma Maman she makes my life tres compliquee sometimes.

We have friends here in Portland bien sur, but we are Parisiennes also very much. Alors, c’est normal.