I will admit…

Even though it is not obvious… that I am getting older.

Of course as Maman and I have discussed, my body may give up but I will never be going anywhere other than where Maman goes as I will always be with her.

Recently I noticed her getting caught up in a mind movie featuring me (bien sur !), in which I am leaving my body and she is alone. She cries and cries while I busily wash her face. Such a drama queen she is. I did almost leave a few times in the past week as there was a heat dome over Portland and we had a power outage and she carried me to the car and thankfully we were able to go to a friends who had la clim (AC) and where Maman had to wear a sweater.

I survived! Two night in a row she said Au revoir…

Then I had a bad case of the itches which resulted in the cone of shame (la honte !)…

Quelle horreur !

And then I itched so badly that my back legs went out and I could no longer walk and Maman carried me to the car & Urgences! (Emergency room).

It started well enough until Maman got mad at them (the people aux Urgences) and started manifesting her colère (anger) to the idiote on the phone who was giving her instructions contrary to what the docteur had just told her. Had I felt better I would have also barked.

I don’t want to imagine the review Maman will be leaving on the média social about this place. The docteur forgot to tell Maman how to treat my back problem (reason for our visite) and when we finally received his report (because Maman called and barked at them) he said I had poop on my rear behind opening (any idiote can tell those spots are pimples and not poop!)

I hope you are interested in tout ces détails.

My legs are functioning again but Maman finally gave in and gave me the corticoïdes (steroids) because I was still itching so badly.

She subjected me to sprays, baths, more sprays… I cannot howl enough my displeasure.

She was no longer sleeping either as every time I itched she woke up, which did not help her mood. She tried setting me up on my own bed on the floor (imagine! Moi on the floor). And every time she put me on the floor, something would happen that would wake her up, and she’d plop me back up on the bed.

Moi unhappy in my own bed

Once it was that stupide cône that got stuck with my head under the bed, another time I had a seizure (that REALLY scared her) thankfully she is a light sleeper… (so am I and her snoring keeps me up!)

Anyway I am now confortablement re installée on the bed where I belong.

So the corticoïdes are great! New énergie and almost no more itching.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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