Maman is annoyed!

Maman is quite easily annoyed sometimes and starts to hyperventilate at the stupidest things. I won’t tell you what happened, it is embarrassing. She turned red though.

I almost suggested she breathe into a brown paper bag but kept my mouth shut. Sometimes I realize it is best to say nothing. It is best to stay away from Maman in these moments.

We took a walk down the street and I was greeted by the friendly neighbors

Vive OhLive !

Actually, the whole neighborhood seemed to be welcoming me as I strutted down the street! So nice to be welcomed in such a warm way. Vive OhLive! they seemed to be saying! But then again, I am losing my hearing..It may have been “Long live OhLive!”

Other neighbors seemed to know Maman was coming and left her a little gift!

Will this fit in Maman’s car?

It was a nice gift, Maman was very happy but it was way too heavy. Maman looked across the street and it seemed other neighbors were also thinking of Maman, and left her a shopping cart to wheel it home!

And so she wheeeeled it home!

No idea of course if it will fit in the car to take back to Portland. Maman does not want to go back to Portland and has extended her car rental.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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