On the road again🎶

We were very lucky with our rental car; a brand new SUV and Maman was able to talk them down on the price. She did get mad and scare them a bit 🤗 That’s a specialty of hers.

She did not mention she had me. Imagine, they charge more for long haired dogs! Nasty people. I even had to stay home while she got the car.

The way she loaded up that car, I assumed we were moving. It turns out we are not but she is very frightened about Covid so she brought the entire contents of our pantry and fridge. Almost no place for me in that car, imagine that!

I don’t care, I am just happy to be going on a trip with Maman and I am also happy I am beginning to lose my hearing as she likes to sing as she drives.

After a few hours we stopped and I watched her as she attempted to peepee like a man, standing up with her new plastic peepee.

This is what she purchased but they didn’t indicate if it was supposed to be pointed up or down so…

She soon started using the words she uses when something is not going well. And from the way she walked back to the car I think she may have made peepee in her pants. I also noticed she left a little wet trail behind her as she advanced.

Not happy my Maman was. Mais bon, c’est la vie. La wet vie.

5 hours to go…

We arrived at the Airbnb at 5 pm just as the sun was getting ready for sleep. Nellie was waiting at the gate and started approaching the car without a mask. Maman immediately started frantically pointing to the one she was wearing and Nellie understood and went to get one from her own car. Maman is quite Covid anxious as I mentioned. She has nightmares that wake me up too where she dreams she has swallowed Covid. I didn’t know you could do that, maybe that is why she wears a mask. I will suggest she wear it in her sleep.

Nellie explained that I, being a dog, (am I really a dog?), was to poop in an area delineated by white piping. I almost bark-laughed out loud. Imagine telling me where I can poop! This is a farm as well with all sorts of animals leaving their doodoo everywhere so I found the request amusing but Maman I could tell, was not amused. Thankfully she said nothing.

When Nellie told Maman that she would be inspecting the room before we left I thought Maman would laugh out loud but surprisingly she said nothing again. except that we would be leaving at 6 am.

Maman is making great strides in her personal development. The studio was okay though very not très bien décoré with a fake fireplaces with multicolored flames to keep us warm. The colors were red and green. Maybe because we are approaching Christmas.

Don’t forget we are Parisians with excellent taste.

In the morning Maman noticed there was no hot water in the shower. I noticed too when I heard the noises she was making. Even with my bad hearing I knew it was not going well in there. I went in to perform my spa attendant duties anyway. I serve as a towel.

Maman did not sleep well but I did as I did not mind the glaring lights of the multi colored fireplace.

Maman packed the car and I noticed she did not notify Nellie as she had promised to do. But Nellie was waiting. It was 7 am and Nellie was there. I assume since 6. She walked up to our car just as we were backing out to leave.

Once again with no mask on… Non mais je rêve ! She quickly put it on though this time…

Maman explained she was in a rush… and Nellie rather impatiently told Maman about the house rules and that she had to come up for the inspection ( the studio was up some very steep stairs, so steep Man had to carry me!) before leaving.


“I don’t think so” said Maman while revving the engine. This woman had no idea how my Maman can misbehave if provoked. I was on my cushion place on the floor so really I did not care…

So Nellie then tells Maman she needs to wait while Nellie inspects.

“Okay” says Maman “I will wait” revving the engine a bit to empathize her impatience…

Nellie walks towards the studio and walks right back to our car.

“Ma’am. There are two full poop bags that you need you take to the dumpster.”

Ma’am? I have never heard Maman addressed that way before…

Maman does not like to be told what she needs. I agree with her on this point. How does this lady know about Maman’s needs?

I cannot imagine getting out of the car and getting the poop bags to dispose of in the dumpster is part of Mamans” needs.

But no one is asking me so I am actually snoozing comfy on my pillow at this point.

And then well, Maman she just took off. Frankly la Nellie we had had enough of her.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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