Maman is so smart!

Look at her new protection from Covide!

How pratique!

I am not sure how she will breathe with this but I am sure she will think of something… my Maman always thinks of intelligent solutions to everything.

I think I may have to pretend I don’t know her, my Maman. Between the new penis for standing peepee and the casserole on her head I think this may just be too much for me. Dont forget i am française and frankly I don’t think Maman would be doing this à Paris.

Never mind. We have not left yet. For now I still know her. And love her absolument. But tomorrow is demain and we shall see. Even if I must not know her, I will still and always love her.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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