Oh mon Dog ! I am far beyond panting…

Maman read an article and voila !

We are getting married !

“Mais elle complètement folle ta mère !”

I can just hear the pampered lot yelping away in Paris…Those caniches have always been envious of my relationship with Maman.

Well, you know what I say to them !

We are émancipées ! I came out of the closette when we first moved here… and Maman well she’s Maman and she has gone into Bulldozer mode…

Her friend Francoise is thrilled to be doing our coiffes and Maman’s bouquet.

Maman would quite like our wedding to be in France. Peut-etre in the countryside. Of course she does, that is where her friends live. And mine too of course. Maman does not always like the parents of my friends. Ohlala ! Ma Maman she makes my life tres compliquee sometimes.

We have friends here in Portland bien sur, but we are Parisiennes also very much. Alors, c’est normal.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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