Maman at the Party sans moi!

As I said, Maman went to Paris to be a present for Maika’s old lady birthday. Maman is actually also going to be an old lady (though frankly by her behavior you certainly might question that!). I hate to admit it I am also beginning to age…though by looking at me you’d never know it! Amazing what rolling in the sand and stinky things will do for a girl!

Anyway, Charles, Maika BFE (Boyfriend For Ever) went ALL out for her. Took her to Venice for a week and then planned this ENORME party at his country Estate …and I wasn’t there!

Actually Maman also had a big birthday bash for me several years ago in a cafe in Montmartre and she organized a live Jazz band for me!

With my Dogmother Marijke! Look at all my cadeaux!!!
Me dancing with Maman…its blurry parceque it’s a bar in Paris!
Maman and Anne Patricia (other DogMother)
Marijke and nutty sister who came specially from the Hague to be at mon Anniversaire!
Jean Fred…Best looking man in Montmartre says Maman.
Claudia and FrouFrou!

Back to Maika’s party…

Maman and one of her nutty friends (the BEST kind of friend) went to help and get out of the sweltering Paris fumes. Il faisait tres tres chaud a Paris! (It was very very hot in Paris!) Now THAT I am glad I missed…(la chaleur !)

Here are some images of where I should have been!

With nutty friend Cyril swimming in the river….Maman also went in but no photos of her 8-(
Maman’s nutty friend cooling off…
More pre-Party behavior
The Party with many people. Maika in the red dress!
Maman stole that woman’s hat I think…

From what I heard from Joker there was a very nice donkey too.

The Donkey

Joker (I will post une photo later) also told me Maman had a pistolet a eau and aimed it at several guests who became very wet. But they did not know where the wet came from. Hah! I wish I had been there….

Maman is very much a practical joker. Especially when she finds people to be behaving like poodles. I completement am willing to join the fun and bark incessantly and Maman starts screaming at me and franchement she makes more noise than moi.

So I just keep barking and people look at me funny. But I look right back at them and bark more. Non mais !

Anyway once again this is a Party where I was obviously needed. Joker said the food was beyond slurpable. I am drooling now.

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

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