Rain, rain, RAIN!

It rains beaucoup and a lot here but thank Dogness Maman got me good rainboots!

Maman got me the BEST rainboots!

She likes me to be confortable and fashionable….we are from Paris after all!

That is one thing about my Maman, she always allows me to get as dirty as I want! I do tend to get things dirty at home quite a bit and frankly I think Maman needs a maid. Maman agrees. We need a maid. Someone to help us to keep our house clean. Ohlala la vie she is not always simple!

Author: OhliveOhlive

I am a tri-lingual French Doggie. Charm, panache and humility describe me well. I am happy to share my observations of Paris, Portland and my thoughts about the many cookies dancing through my head.

2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, RAIN!”

  1. Well well what a agréable surpise It was to come across this little beauté! It’s lovely to get to know you Ohlive. I knew of you of course but only that you are the love of your maman’s heart.
    Now I see why she adores you so much.. But it does not escape me that you, little miss, are somewhat of a rascal. I see maman has been quite the influence on you.
    Your maman and I have become friends and I must admit, she is indeed
    unique en son genre. As are you Ohlive.. I really enjoyed learning about your adventures and seeing your many beautiful poses in the photographs… I love them all. It is difficult to choose a favourite but I was rather taken by your derrière scratch pose..
    You and maman make a great team. I don’t think you need worry about being left out if a new Monsieur comes along for he I’m sure would adore you immensely. And imagine how nice it would be if he was to gift maman her own pearl necklace on valenpoop day! Now that would be something I’d like to hear about too!! hehe
    Please continue sharing your adventures with us… I look very much forward to the next chapter. Perhaps you have a few stories you’d like to share from your latest trip to Parie.. I most certainly hope so..
    Bye for now, your newest but loyal fan.. Kim
    P.s sharing your food with the crows is very kind of you.


  2. Thank you beaucoup Kim for your appreciation of moi and Maman. Yes I have to agree I look quite fetching and scratchable in my itch my derriere please pose. Its most annoying when I strike that pose and Maman ignores me. Imagine how embarassing that would be if I were the type to be embarassed! No, I think that is strictly for Mamans.
    We of the Dog clan just do what feels good NOW. Meaning I want what I want and I want it NOW. Like that cookie in your pocket.
    Wait, you dont have a cookie in ta poche ?!?
    Merci not Kim.


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